Academic Calendar

2017-2018 Academic Calendar


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A) Project Executive

  • Project executive instructors may apply the program within 2 years following their employment at Atilim University and 5 years following the reception of doctoral degree.
  • Academic titles of project executives must be lower than associate professor and the ones who received support within the scope of this program cannot apply for the program.

B) Researcher

  • The doctor researchers in the project team must meet the same conditions as project executive.

C) Scholar:

  • The undergraduate, master and PhD students at Atilim University may take part in project teams as a scholar. Project scholarship amounts (*) are announced in the invitation announcements of Atilim University.
  • Undergraduate students must complete their sophomore year,
  • The cumulative grade point average of the students must be minimum 2.5/4 on the basis of the grade system of the University. Preparatory school grades are not included.