BP101 - Algorithm and Introduction to Programming (1 + 0) 5

Comprehension of information storage; understanding the algorithms and program flow chart, understanding how it is used; programming languages; basics of C programming language; input/output commands; selecting and looping and features; functions, indicators; series, strings; structures; text files.

BP103 - Computer Hardware (1 + 0) 5

Computer components and features; views of the computer data; central processing unit, motherboard and bus, BIOS, I/O and tasks of components such as one memory; data storage; operating systems; creating a computer from its basic parts; maintenance and repair; computers additional hardware installation; introduction to computer networks and basic e

BP105 - Integrated Office (1 + 0) 5

Basic software programs under the Office programs; the basic concepts about office programs; disposing of a strong background in computer software.

BP107 - General Management (1 + 0) 3

Business management, business as an economic unit, business types, business types in terms of legal forms

BP102 - Data Structures (1 + 0) 5

Understanding the sequence; understanding the end; understanding the structure and composition; AMAS understanding and use of recursion function; stack, queue understanding and binary search tree; implementation of C programming language in problem solving.

BP104 - Graphics and Animation (1 + 0) 5

Basic concepts related to graphics and animation, vector drawings, text processing, field selections in the bitmap image forming process in the bitmap image, the layer structure, the effect on the bitmap image applications, basic concepts related to animation, creating animation.

BP106 - Object Oriented Programming (1 + 0) 6

Function and scope rules, class definition, inheritance, polymorphism, operator installation, function and class templates, exception handling, input/output, object-oriented concepts.

BP201 - Database Management Systems (1 + 0) 6

Database systems, entity-relationship (VI) and extended entity-relationship (GUI) and data modeling, relational data modeling, file organization and indexing structures, relational algebra, structured query language (SQL), database design: functional dependencies and normalization table, introduction to database management.

BP203 - Web Technologies (1 + 0) 6

Basic information about internet, basic concepts related to the web browser, personal web security, privacy and access control, web server, web programming technologies.

BP205 - Internet Programming I (1 + 0) 6

Internet infrastructure, World Wide Web, HTTP, web browsers, markup languages, HTML, W3C`s skeletal structure, CSS programming, JavaScript programming, animation development, ActionScript.

BP207 - Computer Networks and Internet (1 + 0) 6

Computer networks and communications, network equipment and functions, computer network architectures, OSI multi-layered network model, TCP / IP networking protocol stack, IP addresses, widely used network protocols (domain name services, e-mails, e-mail, web, file transfer), internet network model of layers and functions, packet switching and rout

BP202 - Internet Programming II (1 + 0) 6

Introduction to PHP, variables, arithmetic operations, comparison operations, loops, arrays, forms, functions, file operations, cookie and session, database operations, web security, the basic concepts of programming, object-oriented programming.

BP204 - Operating systems (1 + 0) 6

General information and history about the operating systems Windows and Linux installation; Windows command-line commands; Unix command line commands; operating systems concepts (processes, memory, etc); Unix command-line programming; logical conditions and loops.

BP206 - Term project (1 + 0) 6

Undergraduate final project enables students to apply their theoretical knowledge learned during the 4-semester period into practice.

BP208 - Advanced Programming (1 + 0) 6

Introduction to Java, procedural Java, objects and grades, object-oriented design and UML, applets, LayoutManager and Dialog Window, input/output and flow.

BP210 - System Analysis and Design (1 + 0) 6

Introduction to object-oriented concepts, modeling concepts, analysis and modeling, object-oriented system analysis, object-oriented system design, object constraint language, design motifs (entry level).