End-of-term is over 100 points with the following breakdown:

One midterm exam: 20%
Assignments and projects: 15%
Final: 65%


The midterms are in multiple-choice form and held online, to be attended by logging in to the Moodle page on the announced dates as per the academic calendar. The exam results are announced on the ATACS.

Assignments and Projects

Assigned online by instructors through the Moodle within the specified periods, assignments and projects are also assessed and graded online and the results are posted on the Moodle.


In multiple-choice format, all finals are held between 12:00-17:00 on Sundays as per the academic calendar in the classrooms at the University. Upon grading, the final results final grades are announced at Moodle.

Excuse Exams

Students can retake an exam upon the approval of the Vocational School.

Letter Grades

The end-of-term grades are calculated and converted to letter by Directorate’s Office and later submitted to the instructors for finalization and student notification via the ATACS system. The Directorate does not announce any results by itself under any circumstances.

The letter gradings are as follows:

AA 4.00
BA 3.50
BB 3.00
CB 2.50
CC 2.00
DC 1.50
DD 1.00
FF 0.00

The GPA does not take into account the gradings below:
I: Incomplete
S: Satisfactory
U: Unsatisfactory
P: In Progress
NI: Not-included
NA: Not-attended