Duties of the Office

  • To identify disabled students who have registered at the University for the purposes of offering the special services of the Office.
  • To identify the needs of the disabled students regarding education, training, scholarship, administration, physical environment, accommodation, social and other affairs; set necessary precautions and offer facilities to meet such needs, make arrangements upon coordination with other units and directorates at the campus.
  • To carry out projects with the purpose to adapt the educational environment and arrange education programs in a way not to hinder academic, personal or social lives of the disabled students; provide equipment, prepare special course materials and arrange for appropriate accommodation for disabled students.
  • To issue material for academic staff containing information about disabilities, and their impacts, and necessary rules and regulations to be followed, thereby raising awareness about the disabled, providing consultancy services, and offering in-house training when necessary.
  • To initiate programs and projects and organize seminars, conferences and similar activities to raise awareness regarding disability in general.
  • To prepare and administer a working schedule for the office, determine the budget necessary for certain activities and prepare annual activity reports to submitted to the Vice President.
  • To create a website which includes publications, documents and information related to the duties and activities of the Disabled Students Offices at higher education institutions, and take measures for the disabled to express their problems and demands and to communicate such concerns with the respective departments or offices within the University.
  • To ensure the implementation of the decisions made by the directors.
  • To provide free educational materials to disabled students with financial difficulty.
  • To provide time, venue, materials, readers (for the blind), and take necessary measures depending on the nature of each individual’s disability with the ultimate goal to assess and evaluate their success fairly and appropriately, ensure equal opportunities for everyone and provide for a more meaningful educational life.
  • To issue and provide the disabled students with booklets concerning employment opportunities and professions.
  • To ensure accessibility by the disabled around the campus area as well as the buildings.


Note-Taking Support: The disabled students with difficulty in taking notes are assigned an assistant from among peer students under the ‘Share the Success’ Program.

Study Partners: Disabled students having difficulty studying are assigned study partners under the ‘Share the Success’ Program.

Counseling for Departments: The office provides counseling to Departments which accommodate disabled students and informs the academic staff about ways to adjust courses and assessments.

Seminars and Training Services: Such events are intended for the purpose of raising awareness among both staff and other students about disabilities.