Our Principles

Confidentiality: The Disabled Students Office does not disclose any information regarding the identity and/or the conditions of students with disabilities to any third party without prior and written consent by such individuals.

Expression of Interest: It is a policy of the Office to encourage students with disabilities to register themselves as such; however, these students are required to express their willingness to receive services from the Office.

Respect for Individual Needs: The Office provides services with due consideration of the individual differences among those with disabilities.

Teamwork: The Office works in cooperation with all departments and staff members to facilitate disabled student’s assessment and learning on the basis of each individual’s specific conditions throughout their academic endeavors.

Accessibility: The Office works in close partnership with other departments at the University so as to ensure full access to all areas for the disabled.

Joint Responsibility: Just as the Office assumes the responsibility to ensure disabled students’ adaptation to university life, such individuals applying to the Office have an individual share of duty.