Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Ankara-Diplomacy O’clock Talks - 03 04 2014

His Excellency Andrey Karlov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Ankara, will be the honorary guest of Diplomacy O’clock talks at Atılım University. He will outline Russia’s point of view regarding the present dispute between Russia and Ukraine. Following his speech, Mr. Karlov will address questions. 

A Special Conference: The Referandum in Crimea and its Consequences: Russia’s Position

Speaker: His Excellency Russian Federation Ambassador to Ankara, Mr. Andrey Karlov

Venue: Atılım University, Faculty of Management, Seyhan Cengiz Turhan Conference Hall

Time: 09.04.2014 – 11.00 O’clock

PS: Mr. Karlov will speak in Russian and there will be simultaneous interpretation

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