Social Contribution Strategy and its Goals

While “Social Contribution” is not a specific title in the section for strategically prioritized areas within the scope of the Atılım University studies for the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan; the plan includes goals to monitor and control the “social contribution” performance of the University.

As presented with the Goals and Targets regarding Social Contribution as per the Strategic Plan for the Term of 2020-2024, Atılım University sets a total of 28 targets; 10 on “Research, Development, and Innovation”, 5 on “Education”, 5 on “Student-Oriented University”, 6 on “Corporate Governance”, and 2 on “Internationalization”.

Research, Development, and Innovation

Increasing the academic/ scientific publication productivity of active full-time faculty members

Developing research infrastructure especially in newly established units

Encouraging the transfer of research results into practice and conversion of these into products and patents

Increasing the interaction of ARGEDA-TTO with the industry and other institutions

Increasing the number of externally supported projects

Increasing the quality of the publications under SCI-E, SSCI and AHCI

Holding national/ international prestigious scientific meetings at our university

Increasing international cooperation

Developing interdisciplinary studies in line with country priorities

Employing full-time faculty members actively taking part in research, exhibiting an international-level awareness and collaborations in their field, as well as compatibility with the vision of our university.


Improving the quality of education

Adopting the technology of “Augmented Reality” in our education processes, making use of the Learning-Information Objects Library.

Improving the current digital content used in Distance Education, utilizing and making Distance Education a commercial product as a package content through MOODLE and SCORM packaging

Improving the quality of Distance Education

Establishing the Atılım University Measurement and Assessment, and e-Exam Center

Student-Oriented University

Expanding the areas of service of the existing Student Development and Advice Center

Expanding the scope of the Joint Education Program (number of departments + number of companies + number of students)

Production / Development of an Orientation Program

Realization of the Student and Cultural Center

An Atılım University that communicates well with students and alumni

Corporate Governance

Increasing productivity

Ensuring bureaucracy transactions to be handled effectively and as per the relevant regulations

Improving the quality of education

Realizing the decision support automation, the business intelligence data infrastructure (the simulation infrastructure) and the reporting infrastructure

Producing an internal/ external communication program (including business processes) to make corporate communication more effective

Establishing the Atılım University Measurement and Assessment, and e-Exam Center


Increasing the number of international academicians

“International Collaborations” actively in operation with 8 universities should be realized.