PSY504 - Research Methods and Statistical Applications (3 + 2) 5

Psychological research and statistical analyses of data, univariate and bivariate statistical tools, statistical applications with software packages.

PSY507 - Psychological Assessment I (3 + 2) 5

Pyschological assessment interview, therapeutic relationship, interview skills.

PSY508 - Adult Psychotherapies (3 + 2) 5

Contemporary psychoterapy approaches, aims, methods, techniques, and applications of psychotherapies.

PSY598 - Graduation Project (0 + 0) 40

Evaluating and interpreting information, solution of a specific problem.

PSY505 - Field Practice and Supervision I (1 + 28) 15

To stay at the institution for three and a half days (28 hours) a week, interviews, assessment, objective and projective tests, to write reports and apply some psychotherapy techniques, supervision.

PSY510 - Psychological Assessment II (3 + 2) 5

Objective and projective assessment devices, application, evaluation, and reporting assessment devices such as MMPI and TAT.

PSY511 - Adult Psychopathology (3 + 2) 5

Assessment of the disorders according to DSM diagnostic system, etiology, symptoms, evaluation, and treatment of adult disorders.

PSY512 - Community Mental Health (3 + 2) 5

Concepts and values of community mental health theory and practice, opportunities and challenges in delivering effective mental health services and tools.

PSY513 - Cognition and Emotion (3 + 2) 5

Quantifying cognition and affect, basic emotions, emotion regulation, affect, memory, language and decision making relationship.

PSY514 - Crisis Intervention Techniques (3 + 2) 5

Crisis models for assessing and responding to crises, skills and tehniques used in intervention.

PSY515 - Clinical Health Psychology (3 + 2) 5

Applications of clinical psychology to health issues, comorbidity, holistic health perspective, health behaviors, and processes of change.

PSY520 - Special Topics in Clinical Psychology (3 + 2) 5

Central yet specific topics in areas of clinical or developmental psychology.

PSY521 - Advanced Multivariate Statistics (3 + 2) 5

Advanced-level multivariate statistical methods, statistical analyses of multivariate data with software packages, conceptual understanding and computer applications, including analysis of variance, regression, and structural equation modeling.

PSY522 - Contemporary Topics in Psychopathology (3 + 2) 5

Concept of psychopathology from various perspectives, the evolution of the concept and the evaluation of disorders by considering different contexts.

PSY523 - Couple Family and Group Therapies (3 + 2) 5

Psychotherapy on relational problems and their solutions, theoretical background, assessment and intervention methods of couple, family, and group therapies.

PSY524 - Stress Practice and Research (3 + 2) 5

Stress process and its effects on health and psychological well-being, applying methods and evidence-based stress counseling practices used in stress management.

PSY525 - Culture Family and Development (3 + 2) 5

Theoretical approaches in parenting, the Family System approach, Family Change Model, parenting styles and practices, culture and parenting, parental intervention programs, and the development of self.

PSY526 - Psychopharmacology (3 + 2) 5

Drugs and the chemical treatment of emotional and behavior disorders, underlying brain mechanisms and effectiveness of drugs and biological interventions.

PSY527 - Close Relationships (3 + 2) 5

Attachment, interpersonal attraction and development of relationships, friendship and romantic love, communication, interdependence, relationship problems, conflict, friendship and social support.

PSY528 - Psychology of Addictions (3 + 2) 5

Causes and treatment of different addictions, biological and psychological approches, coping mechnanisms, and intervention strategies.

PSY530 - Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (3 + 2) 5

Child and adolescent mental health, assessment, diagnosis and the treatment of psychological disorders in this period, developmental disorders, learning disorders, conduct disorder, ADHD, mood, and anxiety disorders.

PSY506 - Field Practice and Supervision II (1 + 28) 15

To stay at the institution for three and a half days (28 hours) a week, taking part in tasks and services performed by clinical psychologists, supervising them.