2017-2018 Sring Semester Course Registiration - 22 01 2018

Dear students,

2017-2018 Spring Semester course registration of Graduate School of Social Sciences will be done by students online. After completing the registration process, students must have their course registration approved  by their advisors. Course registration will be invalid without the approval of the advisor.

Steps for Course Registration

  1.  To Access  Student Information System please click https://atacs.atilim.edu.tr/login/Ogrenci

Then click the "Faculties/Colleges/Institutes” button on the “Students” section.

  1. Login with your university e-mail address and your password.

-If you have forgetten your password  or encounter another problem about username and password, pleasevisitthe IT unit in İncek campus (contact information is available at https://btyardimmasasi.atilim.edu.tr/site/forgetPassword )

  1. After login ATACS, click “Course Registration” tab.

-To see the course registration screen, you must have paid the tuition or semester fee.

-If you have questions about fees, you can contact with Sibel Özcan- Tel:5868130 e-mail: sibel.ozcan@atilim.edu.tr

  1. In Course Registration Tab, you can see all courses that your programme offers. Please choose the courses you want to take.

-Your failed courses will be added automatically. If you have failed any course, you will not be able to take any additional course, unless first you add your failed courses.

  1. After choosing all the courses you want to register this semester, click “Confirmation” button and send it to your advisor’s approval.
  2. Your registration process will be completed after your advisor approves it.

-Your registration will be invalid without your advisor’s approval.