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Thesis Procedures before Thesis Defense

Thesis Preparation prior to Defense

► Make a copy of your thesis in spiral binding form after checking for plagiarism and receiving approval from your advisor.

► Download the Master/Doctoral Thesis Submission Form (A-6) on the webpage of the Graduate School, fill out the sections related to your thesis, and have the form signed your advisor.  

► Fill out the Master/Doctoral Thesis Submission Form (Ö-15) available on the web page of the Graduate School. 

► Submit the above-mentioned forms and along with your thesis to the Graduate School.

► Upon the announcement of jury dates, prepare 5 copies in spiral binding form for master’s thesis and 7 for doctoral thesis to be handed out to jury members.

► Download the Thesis Submission Form (Ö-22) available on the webpage of the Graduate School, and have the jury members sign the form, and deliver it to the Graduate School.


Before your defense, make sure your thesis:

  • Complies with the thesis writing guide of the Graduate School of Social Sciences.
  • Is scanned by the Turnitin program using your Atilim e-mail. Contact your advisor in case necessary.


Capitalize the first letters of your name and surname. Also, ‘Thesis’ in the assignment name section.

For example:

Name: Elif

Surname: Boduroğlu

Assignment Name: Thesis

Send your advisor the entire manuscript, from introduction to bibliography, to receive a plagiarism report on the Turnitin program.

If the percentage of plagiarism is higher than 20%, necessary changes must be made to the manuscript.