Welcome to our dataset repository. Datasets were collected at Atılım University Cell Biology laboratory, Turkey in a variety of sessions. The majority of the images obtained were collected during a drug development study. All publicly available to nonprofit researches and could download here.



1) HL60_HEM40X_CC (will be fully available after publication...)

This dataset contains Human Promyelocytic Leukemia (HL60) cancer cell images with magnification factor 40x by hemocytometer (HEM40X) for cell counting (CC). It has total 468 raw hemocytometer images acquired on 40x light-microscope objectives. Also, annotation information by domain experts shared as total 6890 cells.The dataset consist of three complementary components, namely;

  1. Image Sets
  2. Ground Truth Locations Data
  3. Region of Interest(ROI) Boundary Location Data

Randomly chosen 4 sample images given below from our gathered unique dataset those have possible adverse conditions, including, deformed cell shape, images with different brightness, single cell image with unequal brightness, images having clumped cells and impurities in cell suspension.

2) HL60_K512_HEM40X_CellViability (will be release soon...)

The dataset consist of the two classes namely, alive and dead for viable and non-viable cells, respectively. First, we acquired images using a CCD camera which is fitted on a light microscope. Second, the cells in the images were annotated by by two domain experts. Finally, using the annotation cells separates the images as patch images those are varies between 52x52 to 112x112 pixel dimensions.