3rd Day of Marka Festivali

On the 3rd day of Marka Festivali, the President of our University Prof. Yildirim Uctug visited the booths and received information from students about their projects. Mr. Uctug gave an interview to Dogan News Agency and emphasized our success that Atilim University has ranked among the top 500 universities in the world.  On the closing day of Marka Festivali organized at Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Uctug stated that “Atilim University is providing education with 5 faculties and almost 40 departments in the 20th anniversary of its foundation. We have ranked in the top spots in various university rankings this year. We are among the top 500 universities in the world” and highlighted that providing an opportunity to receive higher education at a world class university is the biggest advantage of Atilim University. Participants were pleasant on the last day of Marka Festivali in which academicians and students from various universities and representatives of public and private sector participated.