Opened in 2003 with the aim to graduate experts in the field of machine-production, our Department is among the firsts in our country to offer education in English.

The Manufacturing Engineering program focuses on the manufacturing technologies that shape materials from raw materials to final products by means of analytical, experimental and numerical modeling methods.

First Manufacturing Engineering Program to be engineered by Müdek, our department aims to graduate creative and innovative Manufacturing Engineers that are knowledgeable in the current technology, and are able to use production resources in an effective and sustainable way that never disregards environmental facts.

As the first Department to implement the Cooperative Education Program at Atılım University in coordination with institutions from the industry, the Manufacturing Engineering offers a practice-oriented approach in education with its laboratory infrastructure and research opportunities.

The curriculum at our department is supported by current engineering software, and catered to creating engineers equipped to meet the needs of the production industry.

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To provide a contemporary engineering education and research culture in order to raise Manufacturing Engineers who know how to use today's technology and resources in the most productive and creative way and to design and develop environmentally sensitive innovative products, production technology and systems.


To create an internationally prestigious and contemporary department in line with Industry 4.0 targets with its high quality academic and research staff, laboratories and research center.