Industrial Engineering is a field of engineering that develops and applies methods and techniques to design, implement, develop and improve systems comprising of humans, materials, machines, energy and funding.

Our department was founded in 1998, and since then, has graduated hundreds of individuals who may compete nationally and internationally into professional life. Accredited by MÜDEK in 2014, our student-centered education continues. In addition to acquiring the knowledge necessary for every Industrial engineer, our students are able to gain professional experience in their desired fields of expertise with a wide array of elective courses, such as E-commerce and ERP, Reliability, Tabulation, or Industrial Engineering Applications in the Energy Sector. With dissertation projects fictionalized on solving real problems at real companies, our students gain experience in the sector, and a wide network of contacts.

Our education is supported with ERASMUS programs. With the scientific studies of our competent academic staff published in internationally-renowned magazines, our department ranks with the bests among other universities. IESC, one of the most active student networks at our university, continues to organize extensive, and productive events every year.

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The mission of Industrial Engineering department is to raise graduates who will contribute to science and technology at national and international level and equip our students with the knowledge and skills they need to design, model, analyze and manage modern complex systems.


The vision of Industrial Engineering department is to become an internationally recognized organization with prominent research, education, and collaboration.