Prof. Dr. Metin GÜNDAY

It has been witnessed that public realm has been redesigned at local, national and international level in an environment in which the industrial society of XXI. Century proceeded to information society and technological developments have spread like wildfire.  In this context, it is necessary to determine, define and fight against the issues especially arising in human rights along with developing technology in Public Law. At the same time, it is important to access accurate and reliable information rather than the information itself. Therefore, it is required to act in the light of this perspective in the field of Public Law.

The need for reforming the training and research methods of Public Law in accordance with the global and European standards has also been felt in Turkey like many other countries. On the other hand, technological developments and national needs affect the content of public law education substantially. Longing for information society requires us to question education and training at all times. In the light of these facts, the content of education and training programs should be reformed considering the principle of state of law. Because we need qualified lawyers for a state of law respecting human rights.

Within this frame, our Public Law Master Program focuses on both national and international studies and aims to offer different career opportunities and raise qualified and competent professionals in the field of law. In line with the necessities of the time, our master program provides an innovative educational program which instills a futuristic vision, stiffens the sense of wonder and bears responsibility towards the environment and the world.

A graduate of our deparment who completes Public Law Master Program successfully is targeted to be equipped enough to explain the concepts and organizations in the field of Public Law within the frame of the theory of rights; associate the concepts and organizations of this field with other social sciences; interpret the legal articles with a critical perspective; compile the results of a research in written or oral form. In accordance with this target, our master program aims to equip master students with the ability to examine a specific subject systematically, prepare and defend a thesis/term project by using scientific resources complying with ethical codes.

Department of Public Law carries out education-training, research-application and other academic activities in graduate programs. In Public Law program, students receive education and training in public law from both quite valuable and experienced academicians and young and qualified instructors of the Faculty of Law. The objective of Public Law education and training is not to overfill the students with knowledge but to equip them with the capability to access information and conduct qualified and interdisciplinary research.

The graduates of law and social sciences undergraduate programs may apply for the Public Law Master Program which includes the courses such as constitutional law, administrative law, human rights, theory of state and philosophy of law, and the students may prefer thesis or non-thesis program.  The program aims to enable graduate students to develop a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach towards the law and tends towards active participation of students during lectures and development of their scientific research and publishing competences within this scope. The students who are not the graduates of the Faculty of Law are subjected to one-year scientific preparatory program before starting the master program.