Since 2001, our Department has offered education at an extent that matches the similar Departments of European Universities, with a program that involves theoretical and practical courses within the frameworks of translation and interpretation.

The goals that we aim our students to reach involve the utilization of knowledge, behaviors and equipment, interpersonal operation in interpretation, the management of the process of production, expertise in language skills with respect to fields and general culture, and access to information. Our students have no difficulty in being hired upon graduation, having gained an awareness regarding the expectations and the conditions of the professional life through our strong cooperation with the national and the international sector. With French and Russian courses offered for 4 years, our students steal the spotlight in the market, having obtained a C-Language Certificate.

Our graduates are employed as freelance interpreters, institution interpreters, regulators as multi-layered language experts, terminology experts, subtitle experts and web localization experts.

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Mission and Vision

The Department of Translation and Interpretation seeks to raise professionals who are knowledgeable, eager to research and learn, multicultural, interested in current issues and cultural relations, aware of the expectations and conditions of the market, and who could utilize their knowledge and experience in translation and interpretation through scientific methods with the aid of cutting-edge technology.

Our department aspires to become the most prominent national educational institution in the field of translation and interpretation, and to provide better employment opportunities for our graduates in both domestic and local language industries.