About the School

School of Business

School of Business is one of the oldest institutions of Atilim University. We adhere closely to our University’s main principles: we endeavor to train and educate our students to ensure that they all become very efficient and capable individuals in their fields of study as well as in their professional life following their graduation. It is also our endeavor to make sure that our students acquire and develop a high degree of social responsibility.  Our academics, who have obtained their training and education from respected national and international universities, do their best to produce up-to-date-knowledge for the use of our students.

Our Faculty has grown steadily since its establishment in 1997-1998 academic year both in terms of the numbers of departments as well as the students admitted. Some of the departments at our Faculty delivers education in Turkish, while the language of medium is English in most of the departments.

In order to internationalize our Faculty, we have set up Erasmus exchange agreements with a number of European universities and we are in the process of establishing further Erasmus ties to others. I would like to point out that our University in general and our Faculty in particular has become a hub for foreign students, something we do our best to carry on further.


To train and raise individuals who are capable of and competent with a high degree of self-esteem ready to face all the pressures and challenges of business and academic life both at the national and international level.


To promote our students to contribute both the society and academic environment in many aspects, and thus leave our footprint to the future.