Recognized as a quality assurance organization by the Council of Higher Education, TURAK (Tourism Board of Education Assessment and Accreditation) accredited Tourism and Hotel Management Undergraduate Program on 5 April 2021 for 2 years as a result of the general evaluation process.

TURAK was established as a TUADER (Tourism Academicians Association) to regulate the implementation principles regarding evaluation and accreditation processes of tourism programs in higher education institutions.


TURAK (Tourism Board of Education Assessment and Accreditation)

Carrying out accreditation, evaluation and information studies for tourism programs of higher education institutions, TURAK aims to contribute to improvement of the quality of tourism education in Turkey. It was founded for the purpose of developing the education-training, scientific research and community service in tourism departments. (See also:

About ILAD

ILAD ''The Communication Research Association - Turkey''

Targets and objectives of ILAD are based on conducting and supporting researches in communication, having collaborations with international communication researchers, monitoring agenda of media and communication both on national and international level, and supporting the information exchange.

ILAD has been working to be an External Quality Assurance Agency in order to align European Standards on the Turkish higher education in communication. It has applied to the competent public authority ‘YÖK’ to be recognised as a quality assurance agency .