Student admission to the Atılım University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics started in 2017. Our Department is the only academic institution to offer undergraduate-level education completely in English in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics in Ankara.

The studies of our department may be classified into two main categories; education and research. The current education programs are offered taking into consideration the awareness of the responsibility in offering a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics; by competent instructors in the field, and with an inter-disciplinary approach.

Our aim for the future alumni of our undergraduate program is to undertake their responsibilities in the light of their information with a professional insight, and the confidence to constantly update themselves at hospitals, polyclinics, public health centers, ministries, catering institutions, food companies, universities and such where they may be employed in positions such as health care professionals, academicians, researchers, directors or policy makers.

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To train dietitians equipped with evidence based knowledge and qualifications in accordance with the framework of international standards, and to provide education, research and consultancy services for the community aiming to protect their general health by adequate, balanced and healthy nutrition.


To be a leading, exemplary and preferred educational institution which is nationally and internationally recognized with its educational, research and publishing activities that will contribute the healthy development of the community.