Prof. Dr. Selahattin ÖNÜR

Department of Architecture, with its student numbers, is a medium sized architectural school, like most of its kind in the World. It is a learning environment where educational performance is positively affected by filling of its enrollment quota by students, who are well-above the 200,000th ranking in the university entrance exam, the minimum limit set for admission to architectural schools in Turkey.

Architecture, which deals with multiple aspects of individuals, society andthe environment, requires its education to be multi-faceted and multi-directional  as well. 

In the Undergradute Program architectural studio courses, where architectural design competences that render the architect indispensable, prominent architects take part as instructors. Design studies involve getting informed in variety of subjects which are required to be considered in the synthesis of architectural form. In depth knowledge and related competences in these subjects are gained in courses given by instructors specialized in their fields. The practical learning in the studio and the practical internship training in the field and workplaces during summers establish a balance in theory and practice.

In the Integrated PhD Program intended for those with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, importance is given to development of graduate education and research within the framework of subjects specialized in by the academic staff.

Efforts are made to sustain a learning environment which supports more of cooperation and participation than of competitiveness, defends individual rights, induces independence and freedom of thinking, and gives eminence to acquisition of competences that are consistent with the universal principles of architecture. Student-Department-staff relations and dialogue run with an understanding that rests on sense of responsibility and freedom, tolerance and respect.

In Fall 2015 it was decided to go ahead with the work for departmental renovations as self-evaluation to be done for external-evaluation by the Architectural Accreditation Board (MIAK). Synchrony with the Atılım University self-evaluation and strategic plan studies provides coordination with the university-wide issues. Hence periodic departmental renovations will continue as self-evaluation work to be done for MIAK.