Computer Laboratories LAB1-LAB2-LAB3-LAB4

The Faculty has 4 computer laboratories accommodating 110 students and used jointly by all its departments. With these laboratories, the aim is to have students use computer design software effectively, learn the numeric software used in design projects and acquire professional skills and competency through advanced technology.

Building Acoustics Laboratory

The Laboratory is used for practical learning by students of knowledge related to acoustics within the scope of environmental control courses in the curricula of the Programs in the Department of Architecture.  Students, who get acquainted with acoustic design and the devices with which they make vibration and acoustic measurements, learn about the software and equipment  used in the field.  The Laboratory also offers acoustic counseling services on volume acoustics and noise and vibration control in design and application phases of concert/conference halls, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, sports complexes, etc.

Design Studios

There are 19 design studios each with an average capacity of 45 students used jointly by the Department of Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, and Industrial Design, and three other design studios used by the Department of Architecture.