About Project

Mobile Education Project

Atilim University Mobile Education Project aims to ensure that students access all kind of information quickly whenever they need.

Business transactions in various fields such as commerce, banking, health services, security services, education have substantially been conducted on web-based systems since the millennium.  Almost all institutions and organizations using web-based structures endeavors to make their services accessible through mobile devices. In line with such needs and developments, Atilim University launched Mobile Education Project which combines mobile technologies needed in both formal and distance education programs, and creation of e-University.


The Mobile Education Project consists of 3 main phases:

  1. Hardware: Device to access information.
  2. Software: Applications and user interfaces to facilitate access to information.
  3. Content: All course materials (course notes, presentations, audio and video records, interactive media and simulations).


  1. To connect students to the University at all times,
  2. To provide students with uninterrupted access to educational systems,
  3. To increase education quality and interest in courses,
  4. To create social network of the University.

Pedagogical Attainments of the Project

In terms of improving the process, it is quite important to take educational activities out of classroom and integrate it with daily life. The opportunity to access information anywhere and any time and continue learning out of school environment through applications ensures sustainable and quality learning.

 Tablet-PC applications have an important role in establishing necessary structure to realize the said opportunity. The project enables to create social media platforms and entertaining activities to offer non-spatial education and a wide range of practices.

Within this frame, mobile applications have become widespread, and thus been utilized by modern universities.