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Prof. Dr. Demir BAYKA

Automotive Engineering deals with the problems and needs of the automotive industry and the related industries. As well as the vehicles used for transport; agriculture, construction and defense related transport or other machinery are within the circle of interest of automotive engineering. The design of such vehicles, the integration of parts manufactured by related industries, the preservation of the environment and safety are major areas of interest of automotive engineers.

Automotive engineers are interested in research, design and development of automotive requirements and their implementations. The Department of Automotive Engineering, Atilim University was established with the intent of undergraduate education on the basics and applications of automotive engineering, research on advanced technology and cooperate with industry to produce correct, feasible and economic solutions to the emerging engineering and management problems of the industry.


From their freshman year onward, our students are give a design oriented education which is culminated by a “Design Project” that they implement during their senior year. Currently our final design project is a Formula type racing car which has a top speed of 200 km/h and has been entering an international race on a formula race track for the past four years. We intend to develop this project with new designs every year. We won the third prize in 2016 at New Hampshire, USA.

The automotive sector and its close relations with other industries create a large spectrum of job opportunities. According to the data from 2015, there are fifteen companies that produce vehicles and very many small companies that manufacture parts for them. On the other hand major industries such as mechanical manufacturing, steel, petro-chemical, rubber, glass, electric and electronic are directly related to the automotive industry. As a result of increasing amount of investments, armored vehicles are being produced for both domestic and foreign markets. Automotive engineers will find a large variety of job opportunities in both private and government companies.