Having started education in 2009, the Atılım university Department of Automotive Engineering offers an academic environment at international standards, with its education in English, a contemporary curriculum and ever-better and ever-developing laboratory opportunities. In addition to undergraduate degree education, the graduate program of multi-disciplinary mechanical engineering offers the opportunity for graduate and doctorate degree education automotive engineering.

The Atılım University Automotive Engineering has been selected to be the best in Turkey in 2020 in the field of automotive engineering with studies in energy efficiency, motor performance, active/ passive automotive security and vehicle dynamics conducted in the already-existing laboratories of its own.

Our graduates are employed at large-scale companies that operate in Turkey, such as Isuzu, Ford Otosan, Hattat, Honda, Hyundai, Karsan, Man, Mercedes-Benz, Otokar, Renault, Temsa, Tofaş, Toyota, Türk Traktör, Volkswagen (to start operation in 2020).  In addition, our graduates have been hired at institutions such as Tübitak, Tai, Aselsan, FNSS, Ministry of National Defence, Tcdd etc. or at supplier industries in Turkey. 

Due to the recent evolution undergone by the automotive industry with the development of electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicle technologies, automotive engineering has gained popularity, and is becoming ever more exhilarating.  In addition to combustion engine technologies, our students also gain expertise in these fields.

The “Formula Student Car” contest organized since 2011 by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) where our Department ranked third globally in 2016 is one of the top projects conducted by our department where we value hands-on training. Our curriculum, updated in 2020, focuses on computer calculation and simulation courses, as well as laboratory practice, catered to modern automotive technologies.

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To train automotive engineers who are equipped enough to contribute the universal scientific knowledge and technology with the help of industrial and service institutions, and to promote research in this area.


To create a department with nationally and internationally accepted academic/technical staff strong in education/research together with an up to date laboratories and facilities.