Seminar - Dr. Ramin Barzegar

Progress and Prospects in Internal Combustion Engines

Ramin Barzegar, Ph.D.

Abstract. Internal combustion (IC) engines have proved to be very practical and useful power generation systems due to their high efficiency and considerable power to weight ratio and are widely used in many fields such as transportation, automotive industry, etc. However, the undesirable emissions from IC engines are of major concern because of their negative impact on air quality, human health, and global warming. Therefore, there is a pressing need to develop advanced combustion engines to maximize the energy efficiency and totally mitigate the exhaust emissions. In this regard, the hybrid electric engines seem to have a major share in the future transportation vehicles, because of their eco-friendliness and flexibility in operation. On the other hand, several studies have been conducted on improving the performance of conventional IC engine by using alternative fuels, without much modification in the engine system. Moreover, nonconversional IC engines such as dual-fuel, free-piston, gasoline direct injection, HCCI, lean-burn, and variable compression ratio engines are in research and development phase to address the need for high efficiency and low emission engines. This seminar aims to present the on-going research topics related to today’s progresses and future prospects in internal combustion engines. 

 About the Speaker. Dr. Ramin Barzegar holds a Doctorate from METU and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Urmia University of Iran, all in mechanical engineering. He has been a faculty in mechanical engineering department at Azad University of Iran during 2010-2014 teaching Thermodynamics and Internal Combustion Engines courses. During his MSc program and academic years, he has worked on simulation of different types of internal combustion engines such as SI, CI, IDI, GDI, as well as hydrogen fueled engines. As for PhD thesis, he has worked on the combustion of lignite and torrefied biomass in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustor. Currently, Dr. Ramin Barzegar is in collaboration with DETS Dynamics Co. as consultant.