Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Doğan DURSUN

In today's modern societies; due to the lack of opportunities that come with business life, most individuals lead sedentary lives between business hours. Therefore; most of us go to great lengths to exercise and move outside of work. Today, obesity, along with many dangerous and chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus, constitutes the most common problems of contemporary societies. Today’s modern societies are prioritizing living healthy more and more each day.

One of the most important factors to lead a healthier life is to stay active during the day. However; exercising recklessly may do our bodies more harm than good. Therefore, one thing is for certain: Our efforts to stay active should be based on science for us to lead healthier lives. Teaching the science behind movement in detail to the academics and academy graduates working in the field of kinesiology in our society is the most important factor in the protection and maintenance of public health.

One of the most important goals of out Thesis Graduate Degree Program in Kinesiology is to train scientists who are able to stay up to date in the academic field, meet the requirements of the twenty-first century, and are equipped with high-level knowledge and skills. Our Graduate Degree Program offers the support of our faculty members to in any and all research during and after education and training periods, working with devotion. Our goal is to train our students into investigative and inquisitive scientists and, with their projects, improve Turkey’s standing in the scientific field. With all these points taken into consideration, an important gap shall be filled with our Graduate Degree Program in Kinesiology under Atılım University Graduate School of Health Sciences, and an important contribution shall be made in training researchers and educators as scientific experts in the field of Kinesiology on an international scale.