Prof. Dr. Özlen ÖZGEN

Public relations master program is designed to provide an academic and supportive educational environment for professionals, pioneers, initiative takers who endeavor to enhance their own life as academic and non-academic professionals, scientific researchers and community service providers. That is why the program was structured as with and without thesis. The program is committed to develop and sustain high quality of education through integrating educational and scientific research with academic and professional goals. In sum, our program is designed to:

  • prepare graduate students with a high level of academic and professional competence
  • advance the knowledge and critical awareness of students in the main and allied fields.
  • cooperate with other programs within the university to provide an education that fits the wants and needs of the students.
  • provide the best probable quality education that is based on not only knowledge acquisition, but also rooted in social responsibility, creativity to ensure optimum use of the available potentials and participation for improved performance
  • pursue the proper academic and organizational practices to meet the expectations of students
  • provide students with the opportunity to develop specialist knowledge in their own area of interest.


Hence, on completion of the programme, the student will acquire competences and skills to be able to:

  • demonstrate advance critical and analytical skills, look for underlying principles, and identify and analyse key concepts in their area
  • demonstrate the skill of independent thinking
  • establish an awareness of key theoretical and methodological issues
  • understand and use the main concepts, approaches and theories of the discipline to analyse and evaluate key topics in the field
  • design, apply, analyze and conclude a research and write a final report.
  • apply knowledge in practice as an academic or professional in the industry
  • design and manage projects in the field
  • work creatively and critically in a multi-cultural environment
  • practice public relations and advertising effectively in their social, economic, political and cultural contexts
  • handle professionally and effectively both traditional and new media


Best wishes,