Chairperson’s Message

Asst. Prof. Dr. Abbas KILIÇ

The Justice Program has been established to meet the need of qualified intermediate labor force to serve as chief clerk, chief bailiff and deputy chief bailiff, head of penal institutions, prison officer, clerk in the Ministry of Justice, and in other legal departments of public institutions, notarial offices, banks and private companies and organizations. In addition, graduates of the program can transfer to Schools of Law on the condition that they pass Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS).

Providing vocational education at associate degree, the Justice Program aims to raise students who follow technological developments closely, have basic knowledge and experience in legal practices with a modern and comprehensive curriculum designed in a way to meet the present and future needs of legal services. Moreover, main objective of the Program is to equip its students with modern and universal values, knowledge, skills and practices by means of both theoretical and practical courses and applications so that the students can easily be a part of the field which offers a number of job opportunities after graduation. Within this scope, the curriculum predominantly comprises of law courses. The program also offers courses for effective computer and keyboard use, offıce management and accounting in order to prepare the students for the professional practices in the best way.

For further information, you may consult with the Directorate of Atilim Vocation School, Department of Justice Program and our academic staff.