Fine Arts and Elective Courses

The Department of Fine Arts and Elective Courses was founded under the School of Fine Arts Design and Architecture in 2016.

Within the field of Fine Arts, and during our elective courses offered in English and Turkish for the undergraduate students of our University, our students learn about topics such as art history, art criticism, the relationship between art and society, cultural heritages and their protection, museums and museum studies. We contribute to the self and artistic improvement of our students through practice courses in the fields of music, theater, film, photography, dance, art, comics, statues, tile-glazing, mosaics, ceramics, elocution, rhetoric, sign language and digital art. We aim our students to gain the skills of the 21st century such as entrepreneurship, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, correct self-expression, flexibility, harmony, media and technology, self-guidance, responsibility, social and intercultural communication; through art.

The courses of Theater for Entrepreneurship Skills and Creativity in Professional Life are offered in English, and are within the scope of non-elective Entrepreneurship courses.


To open, organize and duly execute elective courses for all undergraduate students of the University.


To help students improve themselves in various fields of art besides departmental courses and lead them towards success in post-university life by enhancing their communication and social skills.