About Us

Directorate of Corporate Communication and Promotion executes communication processes with the internal and external stakeholders of Atilim University which has been providing higher education for 21 years.

Starting its activities as the Directorate of Press and Public Relations, the Directorate of Corporate Communication and Promotion consists of two subunits; Communication and Promotion.

The Directorate organizes communication and promotion activities for accurate and positive perception of the corporate identity of Atilim University at home and abroad.

The Directorate has been an absolute part of the relations and communications of the University with a number of institutions, organizations and real persons in and out of the University in scientific, cultural, industrial, artistic and sports fields, and expands the scope of its services each year by providing printed materials, visual and written content, promotion and manpower to all academic and administrative units of the University.

In the promotional activities conducted out of the university, the Directorate focuses on prospective students, their schools and courses and counselors, teachers, administrators of these educational institutions.

By means of promotional presentations and programs, our experts give valuable information about the departments and opportunities at Atilim University and the university entrance exam in and out of the University.

Recently, prospective students visit our University for preparation exams as well as the visits for the promotion of the departments and opportunities at our University.

The Directorate of Corporate Promotion also participates in “Higher Education Promotion Fairs” organized by organization companies, associations, foundations and school in various cities around Turkey. Besides the promotional activities carried out through our booths at such fairs, our University reaches the prospective students and the opinion leaders guiding them with the programs organized upon demand from the presentations on university entrance exam to department promotions.

Our promotion experts shares the developments at our University and establish a sustainable communication link and network with various in the routine visits paid to a number of cities in Turkey.

“Selection Days” is a comprehensive activity organized with the contributions of all units of our University under the coordination of the Directorate.

Besides promotion experts of the Directorate of Corporate Communication and Promotion, “Progress towards Life Group” consisting of more than one hundred students and academic and administrative staff support the promotional activities of our unit and make face to face contact with visiting students and their families and teachers in order to promote the principles, purposes and opportunities of our University accurately and correctly.

The Directorate of Corporate Communication and Promotion takes active roles in the activities organized in our University, as well. In cooperation with the Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs, our Directorate takes part in the execution process of organizations, particularly academic year opening and graduation ceremonies and in the preparation and distribution of printed materials to be used in the conferences, exhibitions, symposiums and panels organized for scientific, cultural, artistic and sports purposes.

It is among the duties of the Directorate of Corporate Communication and Promotion to prepare the periodical publications in the preparation of printed documents distributed particularly to prospective students, all institutions and organizations carrying out collaborative works and communicating with Atilim University.

The Directorate of Corporate Communication and Promotion produces wide range of materials such as promotional brochures, newspaper articles, advertisements, outdoor images etc.

Preparation of the contents for visual images and graphic design works are conducted by our directorate.

Work area of the Directorate of Corporate Communication and Promotion also covers “Digital Media” as all generations, particularly y and z generations, prefer the Internet for communication purposes as a result of technological developments. As a result, The Directorate of Corporate Communication and Promotion has started to manage the official web page and social media accounts of our University and use contemporary communication media.