Research Policies

The research policies adopted by Atilim University are designated in line with its vision to rank among the top 10 Turkish universities and top 500 universities around the world in the fields of research and education. Our main objective to contribute to science within the framework of the globally recognized criteria set by reputable and reliable national and international ranking organizations. Research activities also involve undergraduate student at Atilim University. Such research is carried out in accordance with the policy set.

Updated each year, The Guide to Research Volume-Quality Criteria and Objectives contains information regarding the University’s research policies, taken into account the criteria set by the prominent ranking organizations worldwide. The policy is applied not only to research volume, but also to the evaluation of academic performance. Among the fundamental criteria are getting published in high ranking journals in the Web of Science, funding research by using sources outside the University, and commercial activities such as patents and utility models. For each research initiative, the University sets department-based objectives on the basis of its potential and productivity at the international level. 

There are standards and procedures for visiting and post-doctoral researchers to conduct joint studies with our researchers as well as scholarships for master’s and PhD students at Atilim. All of these are important since they establish an active and dynamic research atmosphere at the University.

In the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, our University ranked among the top 500 universities worldwide and the top 4 Turkish Universities in the 2016-2017 academic year, later to make its way into the 601-800 range and the top 4 Turkish foundation universities in 2017-2018. Ranking the universities mostly on the basis of their research potential and contribution, THE states that Atilim University is quite assertive not only in Turkey, but also in the international arena. Since 2012, our University has always ranked among the top 50 Universities in “Entrepreneur and Innovative Universities Index” ranking of TUBITAK (the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), and ranked 19th among all the Universities in Turkey in 2016.

Our Research, Development, Counseling and Technology Transfer Office (ARGEDA-TTO) carries out R&D and technology management and coordination activities as important steps on root to becoming a third-generation university. Founded in 200, The Office attempts to:

  • Develop and spread R&D culture at all levels;
  • Plan and coordinate internally financed research projects;
  • Provide administrative support to researchers in applying and obtaining externally supported loans and grants;
  • Develop, plan and execute business and industrial projects; 

The Atilim ARGEDA-TTO has become one of 25 universities supported within the scope of TUBITAK 1513 Technology Transfer Office Support Program and, since 2017, one of the 25 universities supported under the Young Entrepreneurs Program (BIGG).