Research Policies

Atılım University shapes its research policies within the framework of its vision to “continuously rank among the top 10 universities in Türkiye, and the top 500 worldwide in education and research.” The main goal of Atılım University is to provide scientific contributions within the framework of the criteria determined by renowned and reputable national and international ranking organizations, and accepted worldwide. With its strategic roadmap in place, and its research activities executed in line with this plan; Atılım University is a university that adopts recognition on the grounds not only of research, but also of production and exchange of education and information, where students are integrated into research activities through unique programs.

Principally conducting process development and improvement studies with a focus on “quality human resources” and “production of quality information”, Atılım University is aware of the impacts of the international scientific contributions by its researchers to its education activities.

Atılım University has unique programs and mechanisms in place that are in line with its research policies, that support the R&D processes and ourputs of our researchers, and that stress the significance of international scientific contributions, while encouraging the continuity of such activities; all of which undergo constant updates in line with current requirements and goals.

Converting our expectations regarding its units and faculty members into clearly-defined objectives within the scope of its strategic plan, also taking into account the interdisciplinary differences; Atılım University provides continuous improvements through measurements and analyses that take research outputs into account.