Research Support And Incentives


Atılım University has unique programs and mechanisms that are compatible with our research policies, and support the R&D processes and results of our researchers, stress the importance of their global scientific contributions, and promote the continuity of such activities; all of which are updated in line with current requirements and goals. 

Our Unique Internal Support Programs...

Atılım University offers various internal support programs, funded with our own resources, all of which are revised in line with current requirements, as per their budgets and their scopes of support. With these programs, we aim to provide our researchers with preliminary support and resources to help them accelerate their application processes to benefit from grants under national and international funds (such as ERC, Horizon Europe, and TÜBİTAK, among others).

  • Support programs for students (LAP, Researcher Career Support Program)
  • The University-Industry cooperation support program (ATÜSAD)
  • The call-for-research study support program (ATÜ-ÇAP)
  • The international collaboration support program (UDP)
  • The internal panel evaluation system

Our Incentive and Award Systems for Scientific Publications...

A publication incentive system, and scientific publication award systems are in place at Atılım University for our researchers having contributed to science at a global scale, had the outputs of their studies published in magazines that fall within the scope of Web of Science, and created an effect, to encourage them towards continuing their such efforts.

Individual Research Funds...

An individual research fund is established for researchers the projects of whom have received international support from external funds, or researchers with registered patent activities. The individual research fund, namely the ATÜ-BAF, may be utilized to cover the expenses for participation in qualified national/ international conferences, workshops and similar meetings; to purchase consumables, equipment and services to be used in R&D studies, for participation in training sessions for academic professional development, and to cover the transportation and accommodation expenses of scientists from abroad, invited to the University to participate in joint research activities within the scope of an international collaboration.