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Atılım University Campus embraces life under the light of science with its outdoor areas, sports facilities, library, laboratories and conference halls.

60% of the students from fifty different countries are active in 67 student clubs and communities at the campus of Atılım University which provides all necessary facilities for the young who question the life with excitement and curiosity, are in the pursuit of knowledge and discover new tastes so that they can shape their future with a broad vision.

Although the University has not a school of physical education and sports, it enables students to professionalize in new sports fields and establish strong friendships with its sports teams.

Geographical and botanical characteristics of hundreds of trees living on 250.000 m2area are expressed with tags. Yanar Döner, also known as Sevgi Çiçeği (Centaurea Tchihatcheffii), and Ankara Çiğdemi (Crocus Ancyrensis) challenge the tough climate of Incek and beautifies the campus with the coming of the spring. The University supports planting of these flowers and preservation of their natural habitat in Incek region.

Kadriye Zaim Library, which is one of the largest and most beautiful libraries in Ankara with its 8000 m2 usage area and available for students of other universities, creates a pleasant atmosphere for researchers and students. In Books & Bites Cafe located in the entrance of the Library, you may study comfortably for long hours or accompany the beautiful view of the campus while enjoying your coffee.

Atılım University supports researchers from undergraduate students to industrial companies with its infrastructure and experienced academicians in more than 150 research and training laboratories specifically designed for R&D purposes. Students are encouraged to gain professional experience with industry-oriented studies and carry out scientific research with Undergraduate Research Projects program.