The Atılım University Department of Mechanical Engineering started education in 2009, and offers graduate and doctorate degree programs, in addition to its undergraduate program. Our main goal is to graduate Mechanical Engineers who have the skills to design, analyze and synthesize; who are able to convert advanced technology and innovations into products; and who have the culture of research and cooperation. While our graduates reach this goal, they adopt the principle of life-long learning, and develop a sense of entrepreneurship, paying importance to professional ethics.

With a curriculum prepared in line with the criteria of MÜDEK, we help our students develop themselves professionally, and socially.

Graduates of mechanical engineering may be employed in many sectors and in a wide array of positions. Able to work under any field that involves production and energy conversion, graduates of the department may also gain expertise in fields such as aviation, automotive, or material engineering.

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To graduate mechanical engineers with analysis and synthesis skills and research and collaborative work culture in their respective fields, who can transform advanced technologies and innovations into products, carry out research on critical technologies of national interest and participate competently in collaborative national and international projects.


To become a leading and pioneering department pursuing advanced technologies with highly competitive teaching programs and innovative research activities.