The Department of Aviation Management opened in 2011 under the Atılım University Graduate School of Civil Aviation. The department curriculum encompasses management and aviation, and education is offered in English as the language of global aviation.

Aviation is a sector with a potential for growth globally by around five percent each year, and nationally by ten percent or more, exceeding the worldwide averages. The Department of Aviation Management trains individuals equipped to work in aviation at public institutions, airlines, ground operation institutions, terminal services and general aviation organizations.

Our department offers an opportunity for students to study abroad for a semester under our Erasmus+ contracts, and a chance to familiarize themselves with the sector via summer internship programs organized twice throughout their period of study. In addition, some of the aviation courses are presented at relevant institutions (e.g. Terminal operations).

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To educate our students as capable individuals, working in teams, having leadership attributes, while equipping them with theoretical knowledge and practical skills and make them fluent in English in order to become qualified employees for the aviation sector.


To be the most preferred aviation management department in Turkey by providing the highest recruitment rate of its graduates.