Asst. Prof. Dr. Altan ÖZKİL

Dear candidate student;

Civil aviation sector grows at an incredible pace every year in Turkey and in the world resulting in a very rapid growth of work opportunities for the aviation sector. Aviation is a team work; in which management personnel as well as pilots, cabin crew and the technicians all play a vital role.

Our department of Aviation Management is designed to educate our students towards their bachelor degrees. All of our graduates are highly demanded by the aviation sector including the public organizations, passenger and/or cargo airlines, air taxi companies, airport terminal managers as well as the ground handling companies. The bachelor’s degree that we offer in our school can also pave the way to even higher degrees in our students' career.

All of our lectures are given in English and those students not having enough proficiency in English can improve their English by attending the English preparatory school of our University.

We aim to strengthen our students’ practical skills and capabilities with providing summer internship programs besides the strong theoretical formation given by our professional lecturers as clearly demonstrated by our curriculum. Our successful students can also benefit from the Erasmus + Program, which gives our students the opportunity to study abroad for one semester.

As Department of Aviation Management, I welcome you to join our department to become the manager of aviation, the profession of the future.

Best Regards.