Atilim University aspires to enrich students both in their fields of interest and in term of culture, to provide vision, and to contribute to their personal development with the opportunities it offers.

In line with these objectives, the University supports student clubs, regarding them as the most important element in the establishment of social and cultural environment, and ensures that students gain experience in various fields and improve themselves both academically and socially through club activities.

Student Clubs organize scientific activities in their own fields and shape the cultural life at the University with social events.  

  • Aerospace Engineering Club
  • Alumni Affairs Club
  • Anaesthesia Club
  • Architecture Club
  • Arf Mathematics Club
  • Argentinian Tango Club
  • Ataturkist Thought Club
  • Atılım Computer Club (ACC)
  • Atılım Designers Club
  • Atılım IASTE
  • Atılım Lions Club
  • Atılımcı Lawyers Club
  • Automobile Club
  • Automotive Club
  • Aviation Club
  • Beşiktaş Fan Club
  • Blockchain and Finance Society
  • Board and Mind Games Club
  • Business Administration Club
  • Career Club
  • Chemistry Club
  • Communications Club
  • Construction Club
  • Development Club
  • Economy Club
  • Electrical & Electrics Club
  • Energy Club
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club
  • E-Sports Club
  • Fashion Club
  • Fenerbahçe Fan Club
  • Finance Club
  • Gastronomy Club
  • Go Club
  • Hayata Atılım / Progress Towards Life Club
  • Health and Science Workshop Club
  • IDEA (English Language and Literature Club)
  • IEEE
  • Industrial Engineering Club (IESC)
  • Information Systems Club
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
  • International Foreign Trade and Logistics Club
  • International Relations Club
  • International Students Club
  • Laboratory Technicians Club
  • Law and Ethics Club
  • Legal Research and Communication Platform
  • Living Dreams Club
  • Machine Technologies Club
  • Medical Students Association
  • Metallurgical and Materials Engn. Club
  • Movies, Shows, and Books Club
  • Music Club
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Club
  • Ombudsmens’ Club
  • Operating Room Services Club
  • Paramedics Club
  • Photo-Graphics Club
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Club
  • Physiotherapy Technicians Club
  • Political Science and Public Administration Club
  • Progressive Ideas Club
  • Psychology Club
  • R&D Club
  • Radio Club
  • Robot Club
  • Social Awareness Club
  • Software Engn. Club (ASES)
  • Theater Club
  • Tourism Club
  • Translation and Interpretation Club
  • Tulparlar Motorcycle Club
  • Turkish History Platform
  • Women’s Rights Club
  • Young Lawyers Club
Architecture Club Ali Daşdüzen
Argentina Tango Dance Club Selin Aydemir
Ataturkist Thought Club Mert Çağlayan
Atılım Computer Club (ACC) Deniz Yünsel
Atılım Designers Club Canses Demirsoy
Atılım TALKS Karahan Kara
Atılımcı Lawyers Club İrem Naz Çelik
Automotive Club Sevim Berika Kaya
Beşiktaş Fan Club İbrahim Ufuk Ekiz
Blockchain & Finance Club Eren Elma
Career Club Zübeyde Sude Okur
Chemistry Club Ece Şenol
Communication Club Ece Kahraman
Construction Club Onur Özcan
Electrical & Electrics Club Mert Çağrı Bayrak
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club Mert Eligül
Finance Club Ecem Gül Ceran
Health and Science Workshop Club Ali Kazım Düzgün
IDEA Club Tuna Yıldırım
IEEE Club Aleyna Berra Ekinci
International Foreign Trade and Logistics Club Berkay Çetinkaya
International Relations Club Erim Ergit
Law and Ethics Club Oğulcan Gürel
Living Dreams Club Damla Akıncı
Management Club Aytekin Kara
Medical Students Association Alp Tan
Movies, Shows, and Books Club Sarya Buluş
Music Club Bilgesu Ayan
Nutrition & Dietetics Club Ceyda Aydoğan
Ombudsmens’ Club Furkan Çağrı Akkaya
Paramedics Club Bartu Kılıç
Photo-Graphics Club Ezgi Nigiz
Political Science and Public Administration Club Bekir Berkem Şenol
Progressive Ideas Club Umut Can Orak
Psychology Club Tuna Engin
R&D Club Mert Eren Uylar
Robot Club  Sinem Şahin
Social Awareness Club Zeynep Merve Çakar
Tourism Club Mustafa Buğra Şenol
Translation and Interpretation Club Cansu Turunçel
Tulparlar Motorcycle Club Yavuz Can Demir
Women's Rights Club Başak Oktay
Young Lawyers Club Hakan Soyertaş

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