About the School

Started in 2003 with 21 students, the Atılım University School of Law has so far graduated over 1700 students, and currently offers education for more than 1300 students. With the aim stressed by our Founding Dean Prof. Dr. Nami Çağan, we grant students with the background that allows them to access and evaluate information, rather than overloading them with information dumps during our education and training in the field of law.  With a curriculum prepared with this approach and our mission in mind, we aim to graduate our students as actual legal experts who have internalized ethical rules, who are knowledgeable in terms of rules and institutions; and who are cultured, versatile, broad-visioned and inquisitive.

In addition to basic courses in law conducted by our academic staff as pioneers of their field with respect to these principles, elective courses are available pursuant to current events such as those in mediation for legal disagreements, law and women, sports law, informatics law, media law and legal English; as well as law clinics to offer effective and interactive education. In addition, graduate and doctorate degree programs, alongside certificate programs such as those to train experts, peace-makers, mediators, and trustees in composition, are underway. A member of the European Law Faculties Association (ELFA), our School offers international relations and events, the Erasmus+ program, national and international fictional court contests, law and art days prepared by our student networks, or career forums in law to collaborate in the personal development of our students.

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“Those who protect their rights do not injure anyone at all”. (Qui suo iure utitur, nemini facit iniuriam)

In this direction, we believe that our mission is to educate students to be enlightened lawyers who are aware of their rights and protecting the rights and freedom of all, challenging any kind of injustice, conscious of social problems and producing solutions to them, thinking in the light of the Confuciusian motto of "learning without thinking is useless, thinking without learning is dangerous", researching, questioning, knowing that the social health is entrusted to them and growing up with this consciousness, assimilating ethical values, having grasp of legal sources, rules, institutions, principles.


Our vision is to become a nationally and internationally accepted faculty of law preferred by graduates in all fields of law; to follow the aim of becoming "knowing, applying, asking and doing" faculty according to the idea of "knowing is not enough to apply, it is not enough to want to do" (Goethe).