Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Nafiz ALEMDAROĞLU

Dear Prospective Pilots,

You have succeeded to be admitted to the Atilim University, Pilot Training School, following the University qualification examination.  We welcome you all to our school and are extremely glad to have you with us as Pilot Candidates.

During the following 4 years, you will not only make a step into your professional life as an airline pilot, but also receive a university education leading to a Bachelor’s Degree. With this high standard education that you will be receiving in our school, you will have a perfect command of the English language and get your ATPL (A) pilot license, delivered by the General Directorate of the Civil Aviation. Soon you will be flying over the globe and transporting thousands of passengers whose lives depend solely on your piloting skills and correct decisions. We are sure and totally confident that you will always be proud of being part of the Atilim University and carry our flag over the globe with dignity.

I wish you all safe flights forever and where ever you are flying on the globe.