The Atılım University Department of International Relations was founded in 1997. International relations is a field of science where the relations among states, organizations and other players in the international system are researched and observed. The field of international relations is also an interdisciplinary field, combining areas such as economy, history and political science to research on topics such as human rights, global poverty, environment, economy, globalization, security and global ethics. Offering three Graduate Degree programs in addition to the undergraduate program, the Department of International Relations continues to graduate individuals from its Graduate Degree Program in European Union Studies, as well as its Graduate Degree programs in Turkish and English.


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The mission of the department of International Relations is to conduct critical research and to provide students with substantial knowledge including current developments in international, regional and domestic politics and the foreign policy.


The vision of the department of International Relations is to train students in accordance with the fundamental pillars of the discipline of International Relations by ensuring that they acquire knowledge and expertise on regional politics and enhance their capability of conducting extensive research in the discipline.