The Atılım University Department of Political Science and Public Administration has a curriculum that suits modern academic practices, and an interdisciplinary perspective that covers areas such as sociology, law and finance, in addition to the disciplines of political science, and public administration. The elective courses proposed are varied in a way that allows our students to determine their fields of expertise. The curriculum is in Turkish and in an effort to enhance and support the skills of our students in foreign languages, mandatory or elective foreign language courses are offered throughout the program. A wide array of elective courses, enhanced with course serials to equip our students with practical experience, is offered in order not to limit program students to theoretical expertise.

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration is a program designed to equip our students with modern academic expertise to work in public organizations and institutions, as well as the private sector.

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To educate students to receive scientific, methodological and multi-disciplinary knowledge in politics, sociology, economics and law and a critical thinking capacity. The program further aims to graduate students who can work as competent individuals in public institutions and private sector as well as in the academia.


To have and keep a prestigious position within the academia in the areas of political science and public administration.