The Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs both carries out cultural, artistic, social and corporate activities and all ceremonies at the University and supervises the organizations and activities of student communities.

These communities are distinguished by their social responsibility projects, entrepreneurship studies, trainings, theater plays, musical and sports activities as well as the scientific organizations conducted regionally and nationally.

The Directorate brings competent scientists and artists together with our students through panels, conferences and seminars, and thus makes the best of extracurricular activities in order to contribute cultural and social development of students, raise their social awareness and improve their personal development.

Students can feel international music culture in the heart of our campus through recitals and concerts organized throughout the academic year regularly and enjoy the theater plays staged by the most distinguished players.

The Directorate does its best to spirit up the campus life by organizing social activities such as cultural trips, Winter Fest, Spring Fest and Youth Week. Besides the activities carried out by our student communities, our University hosts the performances of the cultural & artistic groups of our students such as music bands, choirs, theater teams.