Atilim campus is 20kms from the city center and 6kms from the beltway. It is located at the Incek district, one of the Ankara’s new and modern residential areas. Transportation is available with the city’s public and minibuses as well as ring shuttles.

Private transportation services are provided by AKS Araç Kiralama ve Taşımacılık Hizmetleri A.Ş as of 2017-2018 academic year.

Transportation options are given below:

Student Ring Shuttle Routes >


  • 102 Akköprü-Atılım
  • 103-1 Opera-Atılım
  • 103-2 Atılım-Opera
  • 191 Kızılay-Taşpınar Mh.
  • 191-2 Kızılay-Taşpınar Mh.-Çiçekkent Sit.
  • 192 Kızılay-Tulumtaş Mh. Ihlamur Sit.
  • 193 Kızılay-İncek Toki
  • 194 Kızılay-Fevziye Mh.
  • 584 Koru Metro İstasyonu-İncek Mh

Apart from shuttles and buses, Incek minibuses depart from Ulus Bentderesi and pass by AŞTİ on Konya Highway in the direction of the campus. There is a minibus every 20 minutes.