Establishment and Duties


Directorate of Security was established as a private security force in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation and Law on Private Security Services number 5188.


  • To preserve the peace and security at Atilim University, ensure the safety of the life and property of staff and students and protect the campus against sabotage, fire and theft
  • To take deterrent precautions against illegal actions
  • To ensure traffic order in the campus


1- To prepare the protection plans of the Campus in accordance with Law on Private Security Services.

2- To inform security staff on safety issues at the campus.

3- To supervise shifts and duties of private security staff.
4- To protect university against all kinds of danger.
5- To control and record entries into and exits from the campus.
6- To pick up and take suspects into custody and preserve evidence in cooperation with General Security Forces until they arrive in the campus, where necessary.
7- To control and regulate traffic flow at the campus and implement the resolutions of Traffic Board.
8- To check identity cards at the main gate.

Directorate of Security carries out its duties 24/7 uninterruptedly.