Establishment and Duties


Directorate of Security was established in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations and Law on Private Security Services no. 5188 as a private security force at the University. The directorate comprises of Atılım University staff, and aids with general law enforcement duties.


  • The directorate aims to maintain the healthy, peaceful, secure, and uninterrupted progression of education activities at the University, in addition to ensuring the health and security of University staff and students, and providing protection against potential sabotage, fires, and theft.
  • We aim to take deterrent precautions against illegal social movements.
  • We also aim to ensure an orderly traffic at the campus.


  1. To prepare the protection plans of the Campus in accordance with Law on Private Security Services no. 5188.
  2. To inform security staff on safety issues at the campus.
  3. To supervise shifts and duties of private security staff.
  4. To protect the University against all threats.
  5. To control and log entries into and exits from the campus.
  6. To detain suspects and preserve evidence in cooperation with the General Security Forces until they arrive to the campus, where necessary.
  7. To execute traffic control services and implement the resolutions of the Traffic Board.
  8. To perform identity checks.
  9. Directorate of Security maintains its duties 24/7, with no interruptions.