Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emel SÖNMEZER

Dear Students,

The current and future requirements of societies developing lifestyles that are increasingly inert and sedentary due to the developing technology in our country and the world deem the development of physiotherapy as a profession inevitable. With a qualified and effective undergraduate-level education and the lack of a sufficient number of academicians and expert physiotherapists, there is a requirement for a graduate degree program.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation constitutes each and every approach for the threats against movement and function, stemming from diseases, disorders, or environmental factors. The field not only involves patient-oriented approach, but also holds merit in protecting public health, guiding individuals in the direction of a healthy lifestyle, as well as devising and improving administrative, educational, scientific, national and international health policies.

The strategic planning presentation by World confederation of Physiotherapy (WCPT) focuses more on their capability in working on the primary health care of physiotherapy professionals, neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis, and strategies for treatment and prevention, therefore, taking a more active role in the health systems of countries. Graduate-level education in the field has become a necessity in terms of improving the skills and knowledge of physiotherapists having completed their undergraduate level education, increasing evidence-oriented research activities in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, taking steps towards professional privatization and allowing for an acceptable progression in Turkey of physiotherapy and rehabilitation education.

The Turkish-Medium Graduate Degree Program in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is one of the first thesis graduate degree programs to start under Atılım University Graduate School of Health Sciences. The program is in Turkish. In order to register to the program, candidates are required to hold an undergraduate degree diploma in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, and meet the graduate degree education application criteria of Atılım University Graduate School of Health Sciences.

The program aims to provide physiotherapists with an undergraduate degree with the means to learn special physiotherapy and rehabilitation approaches, to teach and solidify the means to access information with a solid scientific background, to coin the term Expert Research Physiotherapist, as well as to train individuals that are well aware of, and able to implement, the ethical rules of assessment, treatment program creation and standardization, in addition to training qualified expert physiotherapists and future academicians who implement ground-breaking methods in their theses, conduct scientific research the results of which affect clinical rehabilitation programs and which are eligible for publication in internationally-acclaimed magazines, and who are able to adapt to the ever-changing and increasing situations of the society in the field of rehabilitation, at international standards.

Our Graduate Degree Program in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation involves multiple courses and an array of electives from many departments. The four Physiotherapy Practice Laboratories at our University offer hands-on learning opportunities to our graduate degree students.

You may contact, or visit, our department as you wish, for more information.



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