Prof. Dr. Murat KAYA

Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry is a unique department with its name and content in Turkey as it presents education in both Chemical Engineering and Chemistry areas with all their requirements.

The Graduate Program of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry serves research studies under three main areas; Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry.

Research subjects based on Chemical Engineering origin covers applied and computational studies or both. Research studies under this origin focus mainly on the areas; clean energy production, catalytic combustion artificial neural networks, computational chemistry, electrochemistry, fuel cells and renewable energy.

Chemistry-based group works on the areas such as biotechnology nanotechnology fuel cells and solar energy, drug design and development, polymer chemistry, dye and stain chemistry. In addition, the studies conducted in the graduate program also focuses on engineering applications and calculations of these fields.

Within the frame of the PhD Program of Chemistry under the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, quality thesis studies with genuine research projects conducted by abovementioned chemistry branches. The program also contributes the science with quality publications and raise scientists who are expert in their field. Today each field of chemistry requires expertise; therefore, graduate education in chemistry has become a necessity rather than a privilege.

Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry continues contributing the science of chemistry at national and international level with its technical infrastructure, well-equipped and expert faculty, wide range of research subjects and laboratory infrastructure where the research projects are carried out.