Prof. Dr. Meltem Huri BATURAY

Dear Students,

Welcome to Atılım University School of Foreign Languages, Department of Basic English!

The importance of English is widely known all around the world. It is no doubt that English is the medium of international relations, trade and education. Within this context, knowing English is an essential requirement to benefit from global and international education opportunities.

The aim of the Department of Basic English is to improve our students’ fundamental language skills in order to follow the lectures in their departments and to provide them necessary abilities and tools that make them individuals who can speak English fluently in their daily lives.

As it is known, vocabulary and grammar are never enough for an effective language use although they are the core principles of a language. Therefore, our students should activate their reading, listening, writing and speaking skills whenever they learn something new as they are not separate from these core principles.   

In our department, language teaching is fulfilled with  experienced staff  using the latest techniques and technological tools via a syllabus that aims to improve the four skills i.e. reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and speaking. Also, students are evaluated by these four skills. 

Our education system is a modular one that is compatible with Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and it consists of four levels. They are A1, A2, B1 and B1+. Our students are divided into these four groups according to a “Placement Exam” that is held just before the academic year. The syllabus of our department is designed to make our students speak English fluently. However, our students need to attend the courses regularly, do their homework assignments and use resources outside the class if any recommended by the department staff.

We are enthusiastic about improving your language skills that will help you become a modern and intellectual individuals in our globalised world and we are eagerly anticipating your arrival to further advance our university’s name.