Summer School

The Department of Basic English offers a 7-8 week summer school program to these students who have failed proficiency exam or have failed to successfully complete any of their 4 - terms during the academic year. This program includes several repeat courses to meet the needs of the students of different levels. In other words, students who need to take up a repeat term may attend their relevant courses during summer school. If they are successful, they can compensate the term lost in the previous academic year. Students who complete their 4th – term education (and the Proficiency Groups) at the end of summer school have the opportunity to take an extra Proficiency Exam. If they fail this exam, then they can take the Proficiency Exam given to the new students before the new academic year.

The university is authorised to decide to offer courses in summer school to the students who need to take up any of the new terms.

On condition that they complete their 4-term education and pass the Proficiency exam, the students are entitled to join their respective faculty departments.

The students who attend the summer school programs are required to pay a fee to be determined by the university.