Students in the Department of Basic English can claim Pearson Assured Certificate once they have completed the Department of Basic English Program successfully.

This certificate can be accepted by some universities abroad or in job applications in your future career.

Upon payment certificate fee, you can claim your certificate from the link below when  you complete the program successfully.

Dear Student,

First of all, we would like to congratulate you on your success in getting into Atılım University after a tough exam. If you are not successful in the English Proficiency Exam you have taken, you will be our guest in our Deparment of Basic English for a period of time. In this case, you will need to purchase our Electronic Language Teaching Set. This set is the most important tool for you to get the most out of the education you will receive.

What does the Electronic Language Teaching Set include?

The "Electronic Language Teaching Set" specially developed by Atılım University for the functional use of electronic resources includes all electronic materials (e-books, short stories and e-platforms) and mPAD7 as long as your language learning continues in the Department of Basic English. It will support your language learning with content suitable for your level, especially with the help of the Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS) it contains.

Why do we teach with the Electronic Language Teaching Set?

  • Research has shown that video, sound, and animations make taking notes easier, lessons more interesting and enjoyable. Thus, students learn more easily.
  • Materials and e-platforms can be accessed via a device (mPAD7) with a single click regardless of time (7/24) and space, and revisions can be made easily.
  • mPAD7 and the apps allow you to spend more time in an environment where learning is more fun and reinforce your learning with various language learning applications.
  • Doing lessons using electronic documents with multimedia features   and using various webtools that you will use in the lessons will make learning English and following the lesson easier and more enjoyable.
  • Our students will improve their listening and comprehension by adjusting the speed of the audio materials according to their needs and repeating them as many times as they wish.
  • Hundreds of stories/novels at various levels that promote language learning will always be available to our students as part of our electronic course materials. Our students will be able to read and listen to these books whenever they want.
  • After our students do the exercises on the e-book in the classroom or as homework, they will be able to get immediate feedback with a click and reinforce their learning by doing it again.
  • The course materials and some quizzes uploaded in the Moodle Learning Management System used by our university during the course will be accessible through this set.

Where can I get the Electronic Language Teaching Set?

The sale of the Electronic Language Teaching Set and all the related announcements will be made on the Department of Basic English website ( In addition, please regularly check the e-mail ( that our university has given to you.