School of Fine Arts Design & Architecture

The Atılım University School of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture (FADA) was founded in 2007. The School consists of the Departments of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Fashion and Textile Design, and Fine Arts & Elective Courses.

As for the transfer of acquired know-how, skills and experience in addition to qualified education and research to the society through practices in line with the core mission of our university; and with a vision of a contemporary and active institution to set an example, the School of FADA aims to train professionals who are nationally and internationally competent, competitive in any environment, able to devise solutions to environmental problems, capable of merging their national identities with global values, sensitive to historical and environmental values; who safeguard the benefits of society, respect ethical and aesthetic values, who are able to follow and utilize technology, who are contemporary, inquisitive, creative and active; as well as to contribute in raising social awareness, improving the society and developing the country.

Our Computer, Acoustic, Virtual Reality, Light and Color Laboratories, all configured in line with the course content of all studio courses in order to follow and utilize the technologies of the 21st Century in the field of design, allow our students to learn through experience, and catalyzes scientific research. The sewing ateliers under the Department of Fashion and Textile Design, as well as the photography and printing ateliers under the Department of Graphic Design also allow learning through experience.

Our School holds Erasmus contracts in education, and memberships in international business organizations in line with our internationalization goal. Our Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design is a member of IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects / Designers), and our Department of Architecture is a member of EAAE (European Association for Architectural Education), our Department of Industrial Design is a member of WDO (World Design Organization).

To allow for our graduate students to gain expertise in their academic and professional lives, the Academic Year of 2009-2010 saw the inauguration of our graduate degree program in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, whereas the Joint Doctorate Degree Program in Architecture opened in the Academic Year of 2012-2013, and the Thesis and Project-Based Graduate Degree Programs opened in the Academic Year of 2018-2019, at our School.


To rank in the top 10 with its scientific and artistic studies and worked carried out nationally and internationally and graduate conscious, qualified and well-equipped student who can leave their marks on to the future.


To adopt an environment-friendly and inter-disciplinary approach to succeed in line with the necessities of the age.