Atılım University Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation opened in 2017. Our Department is among the few to offer a 4-year education in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 100% in English.

Physiotherapy aims to develop, sustain and restore maximum range of movement and functional abilities of people. Physiotherapists aid people at any stage of life when their movement and functions are affected due to factors such as ageing, injuries, diseases, disorders or environmental factors.

Leaning heavily on practice, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation education is offered by our faculty members as experts in their fields and in clinical case simulations. Our program involves summer applications and clinical practice to develop the clinical skills of our students as future physiotherapists.

The required studies are currently underway to initiate Graduate Degree education in General Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at our University.

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To graduate innovative, investigating and competent physiotherapists with professional autonomy who have outfitted with lifelong learning and teaching skills, respecting human and patient rights, and dedicated to protecting and raising the health of the individual and the society in the light of universal, cultural values and science.


To become a modern and respected institution that will play an active role in the perfection of community health, primarily dedicated to education and research for the development of physiotherapy and referenced by national and international society.